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July 5th, 2007
LiveStation Beta – Interactive Live TV on PC

Livestation, a project currently under development, is based on the technology developed by Microsoft Research team of Cambridge. The project is an effort of Skinkers with support from Microsoft Research team.

LiveStation is currently in beta stage, but essentially the project is designed to enable users to watch live television on their machines. “Interactive live TV on the PC that works” is in fact the slogan under which the LiveStation beta project went live.

“LiveStation is a software solution, co-developed with Microsoft Research, designed to allow people to watch live TV on their desktop in a highly scalable way and without requiring broadcasters to invest a large amount of money in hardware and infrastructure,” reveals a message posted on the LiveStation website.

LiveStation uses Microsoft Silverlight to create a rich interactive user experience for live video delivery. The peer-to-peer approach ensures bandwidth usage is minimized and removes the need for powerful, expensive server farms to stream live TV shows and events.

To watch the Live TV, LiveStation users will simply need to click the LiveStation viewer, which can be embedded in a browser installed through website or distributed on physical media.

 Here is the signup page for the beta version of LiveStation.

Videos of LiveStation Demo and Interview of Matteo Berlucchi from Skinkers

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